Historic beer duty cut hat-trick welcomed

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Responding to the Chancellor’s 2015 Budget statement, the ALMR has welcomed the historic hat-trick of beer duty cuts and reductions in spirits and cider duties, and applauded the Government for recognising its recommendations on the importance of support for investment and training.

The Chancellor announced the measures in today’s Budget statement which signalled an increase in the personal tax allowance to £12,500 by 2020, a confirmation that the Annual Investment Allowance would not fall to the planned £25,000 and another cut in beer duty of 1p a pint as well as 2% cuts in the rates for spirits and cider and a freeze on wine duty.

ALMR CEO Kate Nicholls said that licensed hospitality businesses were well-positioned to capitalise on the Budget announcements: “Today’s measures will undoubtedly benefit licensed hospitality businesses, giving our customers more money to spend and our businesses more to invest. Combined with continued action on alcohol duty our trade has the tools at its disposable to make the best of increased confidence and spending.

“It is especially welcome that the Chancellor has recognised the importance of support for business employing Apprentices, with confirmation that they will no longer by liable to National Insurance from 2016. The cost of this jobs tax is a major burden on employees and employers alike. It is also extremely heartening that the Investment Allowance will not fall to the incredibly low level of £25,000 as originally planned.

“We were also encouraged by the Chancellor’s stance on business rates and look forward to engaging fully with the review in order to ensure a fair outcome for licensed hospitality businesses.”


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