Invest in future success by training people effectively

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GS Systems, as a consultative technology business and a socially responsible employer, firmly believes in the power and value of training our people to enhance their expertise, writes GS Systems managing director Niels Nielsen.

However, we don’t believe in training for training’s sake.

We reinvest profits into training our people 

Before we invest in training any of our people we have to consider carefully what we are trying to achieve and on the strategy needed to accomplish it.

Because, as we all know, training does not come cheap and we want to ensure the optimum return on our investment.

We currently reinvest a large percentage of our profits in training to help our people develop additional skills so they can improve and maximise their performance and, by obvious implication. yours too.

External training adds value to our team 

Here are two examples within GS where we have invested in external training programmes to add value to our team.

I recently completed the Goldman Sachs’ prestigious ‘10,000 Small Businesses’ programme, which is designed to encourage SME businesses to prepare themselves for controlled growth, in 2015.


Niels Nielsen successfully completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business programme. 

This is a great course designed to accelerate growth. Over 90% of participants, including ourselves, are creating net new jobs. From a personal point of view, the course showed me that you can set ambitious but very attainable goals if everyone works together as team to implement a growth strategy.

GS Product development manager Stuart Wearing and GS team leader Lewis Mitchell, who joined us as an apprentice straight from college a few years back, both completed the Manchester Metropolitan University’s M2L (managers to leaders) course earlier this year.


Product development manager Stuart Wearing delighted to meet others facing similar challenges on career path. 

Stuart said: “This was a great opportunity to meet others going through the same period of career growth and facing the same challenges as myself. It greatly increased my confidence and embedded some of the coaching techniques that we’ve been exploring as a group within the GS Systems team.”

Watch the video above where Lewis talks about the start of his leadership journey.

Lewis said: “I learnt a lot of new things from some inspirational leaders which allowed me to improve my leadership skills. I believe it made me better at enhancing motivation and performance of staff through better leadership.”


Team leader Lewis Mitchell joined GS as an apprentice and is now developing his leadership skills. 

We apply this same philosophy to the training we provide to our clients.

We are probably one of the few EPOS-based technology businesses to employ a full-time training manager to work with clients on a day-to-day basis to ensure they can use all our technology effectively and profitably.

Our training meets your needs 

Our client training, like our configured bespoke EPOS-based technology, is designed to meet specific, clearly identified requirements.

Our goal is to ensure training relates to an improved performance in a work environment by enhancing individual and group performance, which in turn has a real impact on results.

All our training focuses on current, specific business challenges and the way an organisation changes or adopts to technology in order to remain competitive.

Confidence, credibility and connection 

What we want to avoid at all costs is the ‘biscuit-dunking’ approach where training is treated as a uniform process.

At GS, we firmly believe in our ability (confidence), our believability (credibility) and creating a harmonious rapport with client team (connection), so we can create a “model of influencing” which is essential to the delivery of any business training.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss your current and future training requirements. You can email us on or call us on 0800 655 6264. Even if you are not an existing client, we are more than happy to chat to you about how we can improve your performance and understanding of technology.


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