Instant business snapshot on a mobile

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A new smartphone and tablet reporting app designed to give hospitality operators instant snapshot business summaries has been launched by GS Systems.

MAX Mobile gives real-time business performance overviews on mobile devices.

Operators and head office staff can use the app’s snapshot info to spot and rectify under-performing sites.

Or alternatively highlight a site’s successful activity that can be rolled out elsewhere within an estate.

Smart and intuitive, the app enables users to compare and contrast a whole host of real time and historic individual site and estate data. Access to this key business intelligence will help operators run more effective operations and make informed, accurate decisions.

MAX Mobile cleverly merges and filters different sets of data to create a compelling and sophisticated narrative about how a business is performing. MAX Mobile is easily and quickly configured and can be accessed anywhere in the world at anytime.

Users can also drill further down into the snapshot information to get all the detail they need to make key tactical and operational decisions in the present rather than retrospectively.

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