Euros boost for UK pubs

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Following the news that beer sales at sports pubs screening the England versus Wales match dramatically increased, the ALMR has reiterated its assertion that pubs and bars are the best place to enjoy live sports.

Figures released this week show a 108% increase in sales at sports pubs showing the match.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Fans have been flocking to the pub to enjoy the European Championships, validating what we’ve long known: pubs and bars are the best places in which to enjoy great sporting occasions.

“With three of the Home Nations represented at the tournament, pubs and bars stand to benefit. A good run into the knock-out stages of the tournament will provide pubs with a huge boost and help make a significant contribution to local economies across the UK.

“Should one of the Home Nations make it to the final, pubs stand to benefit to the tune of over £4,000 each. This is a significant contribution from a licensed hospitality sector that is helping drive growth on our high streets. A similar study by the ALMR for last year’s Rugby World showed an increase in sales of about 30%. This year’s European Championships has so far exceeded all expectations and looks set to continue surpass last year’s success.

“Pubs provide fans with a chance to enjoy watching live sports in a safe and supervised environment. If you are unable to attend the match then the unique atmosphere of the pub is the best place to be.”



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