“How much is an EPOS solution from GS going  to cost me?”

That’s one of the first questions we’re asked when we meet prospective new clients.

We answer by asking a reverse question: can you afford NOT to have an EPOS solution in place in your business?

Keep staff honest

Think about the cost of NOT having one – and the subsequent lack of knowledge and control within your business?

  • Staff won’t succumb to temptation if  you have a fully transparent EPOS solution to keep them honest.
  • Spillage, wastage and margin control are all so much easier to manage with a EPOS solution with the correct operating procedures in place to track every single transaction.
  • Duplication is avoided as data only needs to be inputted once.
  • Cashing up and stock taking at the end of a session or day can be done in ten or twenty minutes rather than a couple of hours – saving time and wages.
Quick return on investment 

Although the  actual cost will vary depending upon your hardware/software combinations and the amount of support you need to optimise the effectiveness of your EPOS system, this is invariably paid back relatively quickly with tighter business controls leading to reduced costs, better sales and improved margins.

Generally, even the most conservative estimates reckon the system, no matter how much it costs, pays for itself within 24-30 months.

With a good EPOS solution all transactions are tracked

However, we can quote several examples where the original cash investment has been recouped in a matter of months as loopholes have been stopped, leakages plugged and dishonest staff exposed.

No hidden surprises

Whenever we talk about pricing, we’re also completely transparent about the costs of your EPOS solution. There are no hidden surprises.

We can even give  you options to fund your investment.

You can pay for the system in one go, utilise various lease options (either through ourselves or arrange it yourself) or go for a rental agreement, depending upon how long you need the system.

Lease purchase is one of the most popular payment methods as you a) gain the benefits from the system as you pay for it b) you don’t tie up a large chunk of capital c) you claim the tax back on the entire lease payment as opposed to a 25% depreciation on an outright purchase.

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