Declining consumption and falling crime a result of positive sector work

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Responding to the news that alcohol consumption has fallen to its lowest level this century accompanied by falling levels of alcohol-related violent crime, the ALMR has praised the work of the licensed hospitality sector and called upon the Government to support this work and acknowledge shifting attitudes towards alcohol consumption in the UK.

Figures released in the BBPA Statistical Handbook show consumption per capita down 1.7 per cent on 2012 and down 18.1 per cent since 2004. Figures in the Crime Survey for England and Wales and cited by Portman group this week show instances of alcohol-related violent crime declining 32 per cent since 2004. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics also show that 68% of all alcoholic drink is purchased from the off trade and consumed at home.

ALMR Strategic Affairs Director, Kate Nicholls said: “The licensed hospitality sector has spent a great deal of time, effort and money investing in positive partnership and training schemes to address problems that were apparent in the industry. They have been doing, and continue to do, excellent work addressing the issue of anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related crime.

“As well as fundamentally lower levels of crime we are seeing declining levels of alcohol consumption in the UK. Accordingly, we think it is time that Governments on both a national and local level begin to acknowledge the hard work that this sector is doing and work with us on developing voluntary best practice schemes to further tackle identified alcohol-related harms.

“Licensed hospitality businesses in the UK represent a broad range of styles and offers and we are seeing shifting trends as food becomes increasingly important to our members. Our businesses do not exist merely to sell vast quantities of alcohol and we are seeing changes in consumer tastes as well as businesses.

“Our businesses are drivers for economic growth and investment, but more than that, we are responsible retailers who continue to promote and invest in responsible retailing and shifting attitudes towards alcohol consumption.”


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