Bacon on the Beech reviews Cibo, Didsbury

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I always said that if someone opened up a Venetian style  ‘tapas’ bar in Manchester I thought that it’d do very well. Somewhere like Polpo or Bocca di Lupo in London. We have San Carlo Cicchetti of course, which we’ve enjoyed, but I was hoping someone would open in Chorlton. Well Cibo opened in Didsbury yesterday doing exactly that sort of food; small Italian plates. And they have the ex-Stock head chef Martin Cordwell, on board. Sounded very promising. First impressions were excellent, a friendly welcome and chilled music (the Buena Vista Social club album at a low volume was exactly right).




We got a booth by the window, and ordered immediately. (From my bit of paper with notes naturally!) First though came some complimentary rustic bread, olives and oil.




Then came Gnocci with Venison Ragu (£7) which was gorgeous and flavourful, tender meat with a rich hearty sauce.


Next the Ravioli Lobster (£8.50) this was creamy and surprisingly had a little spicy kick.


Also, Slow Braised Ox Cheek with Black Peppercorns (£7.50) a warm, rich and comforting meaty stew.



I also enjoyed the Lamb & Pistaccio Meatballs (£5). These were some of the best meatballs I’ve had in ages, so tender and flavoursome.


We also ordered a Four Cheese Pizzette (£5.50) which was fine, the base was authentic and crispy thin. Mrs Bacon wanted a side of Zuccini Fritti (£3.50), these worked perfectly for dipping into the luxuriously meaty sauces, but we couldn’t finish all of them.





The bill came to £58, but we ordered way too much, you can just have the small £2 plates if you wish. We loved everything about Cibo, it’s a pleasant space, the service was excellent, and the food was good. We couldn’t find a lot to criticise, although the costs do mount up.
Well maybe just one thing, it’s in Didsbury and we live in Chorlton!
So Cibo, please open one up on Beech road next!



Price: It can mount up, but it’s priced fairly reasonably and the Cicchetti menu is good if you’re on a budget.
Service: Very good, friendly and chatty. 
Food: Good.
Star dishes: Too close to call, it was all good! 
If you force my hand though; The meatballs for me, Lobster Ravioli for Mrs B.
Score: 6/10.


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