Alcohol guidance must be clear and concise

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Following the publication of new alcohol guidelines, the ALMR has warned that the Government runs the risk of confusing consumers regarding safe drinking practices.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The guidelines draw a link between alcohol intake and associated health risks, but go on to say that regular drinking levels increase the chance of dying from an alcohol-related condition by just 1%. By the Government’s own admission, drinking at regular levels is no more dangerous than a host of everyday activities. What is being lost here is the fact that low levels of drinking remain very low risk.

“What consumers need is clear, practical advice based on undisputed evidence to allow customers to make informed choices. There seems to be little agreement, even among health experts, about the evidence to back up the latest proposals.
“It is worth remembering that levels of alcohol consumption have been falling steadily and are at their lowest this century. Much of the work of the licensed hospitality sector in recent years has been focused on providing consumers with greater choice and our venues remain committed to promoting healthy, responsible drinking practices in a supervised environment.

“The ALMR will be responding to the Government’s consultation to push for clear and concise, information that is practical, evidence-based and which we feel is robust and reliable.”



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